Canada enters adulthood

  All of us have defining moments in our lives that mark our entrance into adulthood. So it was for our country. Although we may be celebrating the 150th birthday of our nation, it was a century ago that Canada came of age by coming out of the shadow of Great Britain and establishing its … Continue reading Canada enters adulthood

Be the change you want to see

  When it comes to cleaning up after yourself, some people, most notably my children and my former students, might accuse me of being rather dictatorial in nature. That’s probably because that was non-negotiable in my books. However, as some tyrants might do, I didn’t just made the rules, I tried my best to live … Continue reading Be the change you want to see

Small Annoyances Can Become Lasting Endearments

My husband and I went out for dinner the other night. At the end of the meal, when the waitress came to pick up his empty plate, I knew what was coming next and the scenario that would next play out. I knew what was about to transpire because I had been witness to it … Continue reading Small Annoyances Can Become Lasting Endearments

The Slippery Slope of Women’s Rights

The Women’s March on January 21, 2017, in reaction to Donald Trump’s inauguration, certainly caught my attention. Millions of women around the world marched in the interests of protecting human rights, which included women’s rights. Politics aside, I couldn’t believe that in this day and age, women are still having to organize and participate in … Continue reading The Slippery Slope of Women’s Rights

How to Keep it Short and Tweet

I just did something that I thought I would never do – I joined Twitter! Now I, along with millions of others, can add my two cents worth to the conversation (which is really nothing considering the status of the now-defunct penny in Canada). Actually my writing coach felt it was important to join, so … Continue reading How to Keep it Short and Tweet

New Year, New Intentions, New Beginnings!

Another New Year celebration has come and gone. Champagne corks have been popped, horns have been blown, and hugs, kisses and good wishes exchanged. A myriad of folks have declared that 2017 will be their best year yet and have made resolutions to demonstrate that intention. But after all the partying and merry-making has faded … Continue reading New Year, New Intentions, New Beginnings!

The Unappreciated Christmas Gift

When I was growing up, Christmas was always an exciting time as I eagerly awaited that moment when we got to open our presents. Most people remember a special gift that they were thrilled to receive, but, in my case, one of my most vivid recollections is the rather disappointing gift I received one year. … Continue reading The Unappreciated Christmas Gift