Bad Hair Week

“You will never get on in politics, my dear, with that hair.” -Viscountess ne e Langhorne remarked to Shirley Williams


We’ve been on vacation this past week and as I was doing my hair this morning (and struggling to get it to behave), I realized I never seem to have a good hair day when I’m on vacation. What’s the deal with that? Could it be the water? I’m using the same products so that’s not the problem. This time it’s not the humidity (which is usually the biggest culprit) because we are in Arizona. Maybe it’s the length of my hair. But just as I have almost convinced myself to cut it shorter I recall some pictures taken of me when we were vacationing by the ocean in Mexico.

The weather was HOT and the humidity made my hair unruly. Actually unruly doesn’t begin to describe it, it was defiant! Although my hair at that time was only 2″ long, I swear it stood 4″ straight up. No amount of blow drying, flat ironing, gel or hair spray could keep it down for very long. I had, what I often refer to, as the Marge Simpson look.

Hockey hair cuts, you know, the ones young players get or give each other during playoffs or initiation rites, looked good next to my crazy waves. So short hair was not the answer.

At least having my hair longer gives it weight and keeps it down on top. The only problem is that now it tends to puff out on the sides producing a charming earmuff look.

Meanwhile my husband who has beautiful thick salt and pepper hair, showers, runs a comb through it and he’s set for the day. Sometimes when he hasn’t been able to get to his hairdresser for a cut he’ll complain that his hair is sticking up. Are you kidding me? Is it wrong to want to thwack your husband with the flat iron. ( Not when it’s turned on, of course, that would be just cruel.)




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