Here comes Peter Cottontail…or not?

Easter is almost here and for the past few weeks I have been stockpiling an assortment of goodies for my granddaughters’ baskets. I use to do the same thing when our children were little (to be honest, I did it until they were well into their 20’s). But I have to admit that my excitement at this time of year is also tinged by some pangs of guilt.

You see I would create wonderfully decorated baskets filled with chocolate, books and little toys, and then carefully hide them away just waiting for Easter Sunday morning. But for whatever reason I was terrible at remembering to set them out the night before.

Easter morning would arrive, our kids would eagerly run to the front door and – nothing! Meanwhile my husband and I would be rubbing the sleep from our eyes when the startling realization would hit, “We forgot to put out the baskets!”

When that happened (on more occasions than I care to admit), one parent would occupy our children (usually with a discussion about what was that bunny thinking) while the other would retrieve the baskets, try to sneak around and get to another door to deposit them. However, this tactic worked only one time. Once our children realized what a confused creature that Easter bunny was, they would race from door to door searching for their baskets. This complicated matters for future miscues and presented an even greater challenge for the parent trying to find a new spot to deliver those treats. One time that “wascally wabbit” left the baskets on top of a vehicle parked outside, while on another occasion he somehow managed to climb to the top shelf in the front closet. Thankfully our children grew up and came to understand how things really worked before we ran out of drop-off points.

The tooth fairy wasn’t much better. She knew where to leave the money, she just took her sweet time doing so. Sometimes a week would go by before that flighty fairy would finally retrieve that tooth and leave some cash. However, our children didn’t get too stressed over this because the longer that tooth fairy was delayed, the better was the payout.

Now I know that some of you perfect, professional parents out there are probably shaking your heads, lamenting the anxiety and stress that I put my children through. But I would like to think that my forgetfulness was actually a good thing. It taught them that life does not always run on a set schedule and that patience can have its own rewards.

But I am happy to report that good old Santa was never once late in delivering gifts and he always knew exactly where the stockings were hung. There are some things in your child’s life that you just can’t mess up!




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