In the Good Old Summertime

I’m the outdoorsy type. I like drinking a cocktail on the patio. – Unknown

Well, it’s almost that time of year again – the time for sitting on the deck with a nice, cool, refreshing drink. Over the years the choice of beverage has changed according to taste and trends.

Back in the day (Did I just really use that expression?) it was the slushy. Remember those? Just mix up a large amount in an ice-cream pail, stick it in the freezer, pull it out when needed and add the alcohol before serving. Delicious and easy! But eventually this drink became passe and other elixirs took its place. Punch was a reliable favourite for large gatherings, tropical cocktails worked well and beer always seemed to hit the spot.

But one summer I decided to try something unique. I had read about creating a rum pot. All that was required was a large jar, sugar and the fruits of summer which would be added as they came into season. This way the “pot” was always evolving and changing. Oh yes, one also did have to begin with a generous amount of rum to get the pot “working”.

I would taste the mixture from time to time, but when the concoction proved to be less than palatable, I decided more rum was needed and kept adding unspecified, liberal amounts from time to time. (I mean what’s the point of dirtying a measuring cup, right?)

Gradually the mixture started to take on a very pleasant reddish hue and began to look quite inviting. That’s when things took a wrong turn. After ignoring my pot for a week or so, I finally took another taste and found that it was much better but very strong. Maybe some 7-up or such would help. So I poured some in a glass and left it on the kitchen counter while I went to get some mix to tone down that brew.

While I was gone, along came one of my children, spied the glass with what appeared to be kool-aide and downed it in a single gulp! I arrived back to find my bug-eyed child choking and gasping for breath. Quickly I got him (oops, I guess that gives away which child it was) a glass of water and slapped him on the back a few times for good measure. He didn’t seem to suffer any ill-effects, but he sure did sleep well that night!

After that I decided it was safer and easier to just purchase ready-made summer drinks. Except for sangrias! I have to admit that is now my summer drink of choice! Ahhh, yes, summertime…

Sangria Blanca – Breast Wishes from Breast Friends (vol.3)

1 orange, sliced                                1 lemon, sliced

orange liquer or brandy                    2 tablespoons sugar

1 cup Ocean Spray White Cranberry Coctail

1 cup white wine

1 bag mixed frozen fruit

Place orange & lemon slices in a large jug. Add sugar, liquer to cover fruit. Stir to release juices and dissolve sugar. Add white cranberry cocktail and wine. Add frozen fruit to glasses and pour sangria over fruit. Yum!


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