A Cover Story

Okay, I’ve decided to come clean and admit it. I have a problem, actually it’s more like an addiction. I know, it’s hard to believe that a fine, upstanding citizen such as myself could have such issues, but it’s true and it’s time for me to face up to the fact.

The simple truth is that I just can’t seem to keep away from magazines and the habit of purchasing them. Every time I pass by a checkout counter, or enter a bookstore, or visit the pharmacy, there they are calling out my name. Those glossy, slick covers and catchy headlines are so inviting and I can’t seem to just walk away.

I have spent far too much of my precious time and my hard-earned cash supporting this nasty habit of mine. After years of purchasing magazines only to find that the contents never seem to match the promising covers, you would think I would know better by now.

I do have discerning tastes and usually focus on issues that feature home décor, gardening, cooking, the news and travel. But I also love publications that feature historical happenings, geography and writing. Oh, who am I kidding, I read almost anything I can get my hands on, including those trashy Hollywood tabloids (gasp!). (Even though I could care less about who Taylor Swift is now dating or if Caitlyn Jenner feels fulfilled with her new life.)

In my defence, I do have neat piles which I frequently reference. I also read and reread those I purchase, and then I pass them on to my aunt who in turn takes them to the local hospital for patients to enjoy. So I feel my bad habit is benefitting society in some way. And, I’d like to think, that I have become a better-informed person because of all the reading I do.

However, I know it’s time for an intervention when I am at the dentist’s office and get upset with the receptionist when she calls me into my appointment early because I have not yet had the opportunity to thumb through all the magazines in the waiting room.

So, it’s time to wean myself from my magazine dependency. I have started by cancelling most of my subscriptions. Anyway, who needs a subscription when I can visit Chapters and get my fix for free. (Although the staff are starting to recognize me and call me by name. Hmmm…that could be another problem.) Well, there’s always the magazine app on my iPad and Pinterest if I really get desperate.



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