Bartender, Make That a Beer, Please!


without-beerSo it appears that within the last few years I have acquired a taste for beer. No one is more surprised than I am. The realization kind of snuck up on me, but one day I suddenly realized that my preference when ordering a drink lately was a brewed concoction made from barley and hops. Who knew it would come to this?

While all of my mature and more refined friends are opting for a glass of fine wine, a stylish martini or an exotic cocktail, I am craving nothing more than a cold bottle of beer. Although this might fit in well with the younger crowd, at a tailgate party or a backyard barbeque, it doesn’t seem quite so appropriate at a corporate event (unless I want to hang out with the young suits). It doesn’t help my image that I prefer guzzling my beer from a bottle rather than politely sipping it from a glass. (Really, who sips beer anyway?)

So I usually order a perfectly nice glass of white wine at such functions and delicately hold my glass by the stem trying to look all ladylike and sophisticated. All the while I just want to quench my thirst from the bottle of cool amber gold being enjoyed by the fellow next to me.

At a time in my life when my metabolism is slowing down and my waistline is creeping up, the calorie-laden joys of a bottle of beer might not be the best choice. I’m just wondering how many crunches or jumping jacks are required to offset the results of consuming one or two bottles of this yummy beverage. In my defence, drinking beer usually fills me up, so I eat only half the appetizers I normally would. So that appeases my guilty conscience to some degree.

Recently I attended Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Now those people know how to enjoy a beer. One stein was more than enough to quench my thirst. (Have you seen the size of those things?) As to dietary concerns, well, I figured that I burned enough calories just lifting that mug several times while jumping up to join the locals in their many toasts.

Craft beers are very popular right now and gaining momentum right across North America, so I feel quite hip or cool (or whatever word the young folks are using these days) to be part of this movement. Even the names of these new ales on the pub scene sound inviting. I mean who can resist a quaff of something called Blue Moon, Sweetwater or Summer Love? And don’t tell me that you’re not even a little bit intrigued by something called Kilt Lifter or Moose Drool!

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a fine glass of wine on certain occasions or with a meal, but nothing hits the spot like the first gulp of cold beer on a hot day at the beach, or when you’ve just finished a tough job, or when you’re cheering on your favourite team, or…well, you get the idea!

shakesp beer


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