Just Park It!

Is it only me or do some of you also feel that parking lots have become the new battleground? Forget road rage, every time I am in a parking lot, my blood pressure skyrockets. The most inconsiderate, impatient and lazy people seem to congregate in these places.

This seems particularly true when I find myself looking for a spot in places such as Walmart or Superstore. When I must shop at such retail stores, I always stay away from the area closest to the front doors because this is where the worst offenders seem to lurk. These drivers cruise around and around searching for a spot as close as possible to the entrance. They think nothing of stopping and blocking traffic if they happen to spy someone unloading a cart, possibly leaving their spot in the next 5 minutes. If that doesn’t work, then they will just park in the fire lane or grab a space reserved for the handicapped.

I realize that some older folks have difficulty getting around or want to avoid icy walking conditions, but when I see perfectly fit adults doing this, it gets my blood boiling. I also realize that none of us enjoy walking in cold, nasty weather, but maybe donning some warm clothing rather than a t-shirt, cargo shorts and flipflops might make a bit of a walk easier to handle. People always complain about not having the time to exercise, but neglect the opportunity to do so by parking farther away from the entrance. A good brisk walk might be just what the doctor ordered. Heavens! Some unwanted calories might be shed in the process!

Then there’s the matter of returning shopping carts to their proper depository site. Why do that when one can just leave the cart wherever and let the next person deal with it? Better yet, just give it a good push and let it bank into the side of someone’s nice, previously-unscratched vehicle.

The parking abilities of some individuals leave me scratching my head (not that I’m perfect, but I usually stay within the designated lines). On one occasion someone (unnecessarily) parked so close to my driver’s door that I had to enter the vehicle via the passenger side and crawl over the console to get to my seat. I was very tempted to leave a note on the offending car’s windshield, but I resisted.

Then there’s the guy or gal who parks his or her little sports car at an angle taking up two spots. Here’s a thought – how about parking at the far end of the lot or just shopping online if your car is that precious.

Finally there is the person who has not learned that a wider turn might help get the car straight into the stall. That way he or she won’t have to back up and go forward several times while others wait for him or her to get out of the way.

There are many other parking lot offences that I could go on describing, but I think it’s time for me to quit as I feel my blood pressure rising.



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