Sale…away with me

You can’t put a price tag on love. But if you could, I’d wait for it to go on sale.” – Jarod Kintz


I just came back from shopping and I am humming a merry tune. January is a great month to buy goods that have been marked down following the frenzy of Christmas purchasing. Nothing makes me as happy as buying something I absolutely adore, unless that something is on sale. Then I am beyond happy; I am ecstatic!

Now when I talk about a sale, I’m not meaning a paltry 10 or 15%. No! I am referring to some serious moola that stays in my pocket. To be honest, it doesn’t actually stay in my pocket because I end up buying more than originally planned because the deals are so good that…well, you get the picture. But, hey, don’t judge until you’ve shopped with me and I have just found those designer jeans that you have been yearning for 60% off the last marked down price. And, believe me, those bargains are out there if you know when and where to shop.

For example, when we came to Arizona in October my husband was lamenting the fact that he did not have any decent shorts to wear. So off we went to a major department store that I knew would have summer clothing on sale, and we hit the mother lode! The men’s department had racks and racks of clothing at 70% off the last price. But alas! The women’s department had been picked over and only a paltry few items hung there forlornly. Apparently other men (or just men in general) have not yet discovered the benefits of retail therapy.

I loaded Ken up with a pile of choices, but after trying on only one pair he declared that they fit and he was calling it quits.

“Hold on there!” I quickly interjected. “Those are marked down to $7, so I think you should get a few more.”

When my husband doubted the accuracy of my calculations, I called over a sales clerk who verified the price, so I was right (which doesn’t happen too often for me when it comes to math). In the end (with some persuasion on my part and the fact that I had already thrown his old shorts into the rag bag), he bought 5 pair for under $60!

Anyone up for some shopping?



2 thoughts on “Sale…away with me

  1. Gotta luv you gal. Can’t get my guy to wear shorts yet! Maybe when he gets more senile he will believe that shorts are really long jeans, he just can’t see that over his
    ‘Little belly’

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